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Thank you for visiting Precision Diesel repair where we take care of all your diesel repair needs from diagnostic to repair or performance modifications Please check back often as we will be adding tips and useful information on keeping your diesel vehicle running at its peak.

Tip of the Month:  Importance of running clean fuel and the effects of not doing so:

When you use fuel that sits too long or when water enters into a fuel system, it causes extreme damage as you can see in the images below.  This truck came to us because it would not start.  After further investigation and a inspection with Snap On BK500 bore scope, we were able to determine the underlining cause of problem was water contamination to the fuel system including the fuel rail, injectors, pump, as well as other components of the fuel system.  We now have to begin the process of cleaning the entire system and getting it back to like new status. Here are just a few things you need to keep in mind as to what can cause water damage:

                Nonuse of good fuel additives
                Deterioration of OEM components (fuel filler necks, fuel lines, fuel tank, etc)
                Bad fuel from stations

Keep in mind some of the worst fuel can come from the "big guy" convenient type markets that simply offer diesel fuel as additional revenue.

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